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The British College held its 5th Graduation Ceremony

The British College held its 5th Graduation Ceremony

The TBC 2019 graduation ceremony recognised and rewarded all the students of The British College who have completed their degree programmes this year. 51 students graduated with a degree in BBA Business and Management from The University of the West of England, Bristol; 230 students with a BSc (Hons) Computing degree from Leeds Beckett University; and 48 students with a MIBM from The University of the West of England, Bristol. This is the largest graduating batch to date, demonstrating impressive growth in the success and popularity of the College.


The ceremony was attended by graduands, families, academics, and special guests, that included: our special guest, the Honorable John Edward Hollister Montagu, 11th Earl of Sandwich, Mr. Michael Rutland OBE (The British Honorary Consul in Bhutan and Advisor to TBC), Mr. Rajen Kandel (CEO & Founder of The British College), Paul Cleves (Former Head of Geography at Eton College and Advisor to TBC), Dr. Chiran Thapa (Accredited Educationalist and Advisor to TBC), H.E. Richard Morris (Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Nepal), Mr. Gangalal Tuladhar (Former Minister of Education, Nepal), and representatives from both the awarding universities, Prof. Mr. Andrew Slades (Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Leeds Beckett) and Ms. Lesley Earle (Principal Lecturer at Leeds Beckett).


The programme began with a welcome address by Mr Joey Foster Ellis, Principal of The British College, which was followed by a formal address from Mr Rajen Kandel, CEO & Founder of The British College. In his formal address, he shared his further plans of expansion for TBC in Dubai, London, and across Nepal. He also requested that all the graduates stay in touch with The British College and join The British College Alumni Network (BCAN). Lastly, Kandel congratulated all the graduates and wished them they very best for their future.


Similarly, H.E. Richard Morris (Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Nepal), talked about the bilateral relationship between Nepal and Britain, which began 202 years ago. He further mentioned that education is important to alleviate poverty and encouraged the graduates to make wise use of their education to bring change to the country. Mr Morris also focused on the quality education that The British College has provided by partnering with two of the UK's reputed Universities.


The Honorable John Edward Hollister Montagu, 11th Earl of Sandwich, thanked and congratulated The CEO, Mr Rajen Kandel, for achieving the goal he set several years ago, by improving the educational standards. He also shared his happiness at being a part of The British College in his role as Advisor, and his delight at seeing the happy faces of all graduates and their families sitting before him.


The MIBM and BBA conferment were carried out by Mr Raymond McDowell, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of Bristol Business School & Bristol Law School, UWE. Similarly, the conferment of MBA (Executive) and BSc (Hons) Computing were conducted by Mr Andrew Slade, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Leeds Beckett University.


One of the graduate speakers, Ms Kusum Shree Niraula, from the MIBM programme, thanked The British College and UWE for all the experience and opportunities she’d been given, and for their unending support throughout. She represented all the graduates addressed when she said that she was proud to study here at British College because of how unique it is here in Nepal.


Following the final remarks, tokens of appreciation were delivered to all the respected guests.


The ceremony was followed by further celebrations as graduates joined with their parents, family, and friends, for photographs and food. It was the perfect way to end a very memorable day. The event was a huge success and all those involved were honoured to be involved. 


The staff at TBC wish the graduates the very best of luck in all their future endeavours.


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