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2018 A Level Orientations

2018 A Level Orientations

The prospective A Level students for the 2018 batch were given a grand welcome at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza on Friday 15th June 2018. As students collected their t-shirts, the first marker of joining the BMC family, their excitement was tangible.


The Principal, Dr. John Bateman launched the celebration with a formal welcome, followed closely by an interactive introduction led by the A Level Programme Manager, Mr. Lee Wilkes. An accumulative buzz of enthusiasm radiated throughout the plaza as students began to integrate, converse and discover what is in store for them at British Model College.


A first-class lunch energised students for an action-packed afternoon; singing, dancing, team challenges, and much laughter unleashed the charisma and dynamism of everyone present.


The students achieved an outstanding unison from the offset; this was manifested as four small groups stomped and clapped different rhythmic patterns and collectively created a beautiful ensemble of noise. Not only were the festivities an unforgettable start to their time at BMC, they also inspired the students for their academic and personal growth in the years to come.


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