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Career Opportunity for Our Graduating BBA and MBA Students

 Career Opportunity for Our Graduating BBA and MBA Students

On October 21st, Monika Ghimire from CAS Total Solutions brought to the colleges’ attention a great career opportunity for our graduating BBA and MBA students.

Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, are keen to partner with The British College and thus seek candidates to fill Research Assistant positions in their company. The company met with college staff and discussed their wish to find young, driven and enthusiastic individuals to expand their team. The company additionally informed staff and students about their International event ‘Growth, Innovation and Leadership Awards’ which they hope our students will attend in order to gain international exposure and meet influential and inspiring people from Nepal. They seek volunteers for this event and urge anyone interested to contact them.
We hope that our students seize this opportunity and use it to gain indispensable experience.

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