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TBC has World Cup Fever!

Published on: 2023-01-12 09:11:20

TBC has World Cup Fever!

Yesterday, TBC cheered along with the rest of the world to the final of the Fifa World Cup, and to celebrate we held our very own "World Cup Fever" football tournament. 


With teams of students representing their favourite countries and playing against each other - the very final match saw Argentina win, just like they did in the real games! 


Congratulations to everyone involved! And in case you missed it, you can check out all of the results, along with some of the best pictures from the day right here. 


  1. Boy's Final Match: Argentina won against Brazil
  2. Girl's Final Match: England won against Japan
  3. The Highest Juggling winner was Sudin Shrestha
  4. The Shot on Target winners were Ashish Bista and Jonika Mangrati



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