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Published on : September 27, 2022 at 10:54 AM
Published on : September 27, 2022 at 10:54 AM

The Xcel Institute, in Kathmandu, Nepal, is running a collection of City of Guilds Level 2 Awards courses tailored around hospitality. Hospitality consistently proves to be one of the steadiest, most successful industries worldwide, so with this new opportunity, places are filling up fast! With a method of teaching facilities—including hands-on experience, demonstrations, and lectures—these 5 courses are bound to invite everyone in! So let’s take a look at one of our most sought after … Barista Training!

Why Barista Skills?


Coffee shops never go out of style. From worldwide chains like Costa and Starbucks to independently owned establishments, a good cup of coffee is never far from reach. With seasonal offers, coffee shops offer both hot and cold drinks to either escape the cold winter or enjoy a warm summer! 


Much like the majority of hospitality jobs, being a barista requires social skills, good communication and listening due to the constant exposure to the general public. It’s a brilliant way to meet new people in a more relaxed environment and develop a few regulars—which are always guaranteed to heighten tip opportunities! 


Really, no coffee shop is the same and they are everywhere, often themed, too, and with no shortage of them, job security is definitely a big positive if you’re considering this course. Plus, many places offer either free drinks or discounts while on shift! Free coffee: what more could you want? 


Being a barista enhances a completely new skill set: from mixing syrups to steaming milk, to ensuring each pour is crafted and tastes exactly the way a person likes. Plus, there’s also the opportunity to try your hand at a little latte art! Despite it being complex, barista’ing is a fun job with sociable hours, and obtaining your Level 2 Awards means you can stroll into any place already being a connoisseur of coffee, milk art already perfected, and those blended tastes already in your personal roster.


Fun Facts to Peak Your Interest 


# By 2029, over one million new barista jobs are expected to open up— proving how secure a job in this field will be.

#  The term “barista” comes from Italy and directly translates to “barkeeper”.

# From “Friends” themed coffee shops, to high-end ones and small independently-owned coffee shops, you’re bound to find variety no matter where you go after studying!

# Even if people aren’t coffee drinkers, coffee shops provide a relaxing environment for studying, reading, socialising, and working. It’s the perfect counterpart of a bar: quieter, more sociable, and mostly opposite hours in the day if late nights aren’t your cup of… Well, whatever you prefer!

# Working behind a drinks counter is one of the best ways to socialise and get to know coworkers if you’re someone who likes making friends at work.

# From Asia to America, Europe to Africa, coffee is known, and is classed as art. Coffee isn’t just a drink —it’s an art form, and you can impress everyone with your skills!

# Most companies offer free/discounted drinks: seriously, what more could you want?


Want to Give it a Go?


You can easily enquire about studying to become a barista with the Xcel Institute by clicking the link right here The Xcel Institute Official Website and checking out all the fees, requirements, awards post-study, and a little extra information provided by the establishment themselves! 

On their website, they have all manner of contact routes, so whether you prefer calling, messaging, or enquiry forms, be sure to check out all your options! 


And don’t worry if you don’t think that being a barista is for you - because there are four other hospitality-tailored courses for you to check out — and there might just be a new career right around the corner waiting for you! 


- By Bryony Reid


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