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Staff Profiles

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Saurav Satyal

Programme Leader (BBA)


Saurav Satyal is a PhD Scholar and MSc International Business Graduate from the University of Bedfordshire (UK) with an excellent academic track record and a strong commercial focus. He is an expert in finance and marketing concepts, and strategic management practices.


Now as the BBA (Hons.) Programme Leader with 10 plus years of experience in academia, he uses his attention to detail to run the department with the highest standards of quality and accuracy, as well as teaching a number of modules including Marketing and Consumer Behaviour.

Working at TBC

The incredible enthusiasm and dedication of people working at TBC is vital to our current and future success.

Master's Scholarships Policy

MBA (Graduate), MSc IBM, MSc IT & Executive MBA TBC Scholarship Policy Apr 2018 - Jan 2019.

Vacancy for Alumni Officer

Vacancy for Alumni Officer

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