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Vacancy for SSD Manager

Job Title

Manager - Student Services Department

Reports to

Associate Dean | Quality and Student Services


Standard Work Load


Management (40%)

Industry Engagement (40%)

Admin (20%)

●     Organising employability and skills activities

●     Supervision of students' on internship programme

●     Database management of students and employers

●     Overall Alumni Relationship Management

●     Overseas ECA and CCA activities

●     Students Career progression, transfer to University

●     Around 18 hours in total

●     Visiting potential partners and promote students

●     Establishing partnership with industries, agents and institution in Nepal and abroad (Middle East, Asia and Europe)

●     Correspondence with employers and students

●     Various training and grooming sessions for students

●     Travel abroad as necessary

●     Around 18 hours in total

●      Accurate record keeping so that all data related to attendance, internship, placement, career progression, student destinations are easily available

●      Regular communications with students and parents

●      Working with academic and other related staff in the given tasks on admin and management for the smooth operations and development of Career Services (CS)

●      Around 10 hours in total


Note: Adjustments to various responsibilities may be made in accordance with the college's workload policy based on the extent of the responsibilities in other areas.


Marketing, Promotion and Communication


  1. Provide optimal marketing strategies to connect students to experiential endeavors and jobs.
  2. Promoting placement opportunities and benefits to students in a range of media including, but not limited to, flyers, presentations, documents, video and online activity.
  3. Set up Career Services at the college. The TBC Career Services (CS) assists students in their career development and search for jobs, as well as internships, by providing workshops, individual advising, and as an extensive Career Resource Centre.
  4. Promote CS and programmes to business and industry by presenting information at various business functions, and through involvement in business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce. Aggressively contact businesses and industries to develop partnerships and placements.
  5. Assist production of programme material and informational publications such as periodic newsletter.
  6. Work alongside faculty and academic departments to identify and promote internships for specific group or course.
  7. Provide targeted career information and resources for specific courses and interest groups of students, alumni, faculty, and staff as needed.


Administration and Reporting


  1. Work collaboratively with faculty and administration to create policy and procedures for ensuring the academic quality and integrity of internships.
  2. Develop and revise internship policies and procedures.
  3. Develop an internship manual and promotional material and updates as needed.
  4. Assess the effectiveness of internship programmes.
  5. Schedule and follow up on student interviews with prospective employers.
  6. Produce regular reports on industry engagement activity as required.
  7. Identifies areas for improvement relating to the provision of student work placements and internships and works with academic and administrative teams to implement enhancement initiatives.


Database Management


  1. Assist to develop online career management system (OCMS) for the college.
  2. Ensure that new jobs and internships are submitted and posted in OCMS. Assist in publicising job placement and internship opportunities to the College community.
  3. Orient students and alumni to Career Planning’s online career management system to assist their obtaining employment.
  4. Assist employers in advertising job opportunities through TBC’s on-line jobs posting platform (OCMS).
  5. Assist with maintaining employer database(s). Maintain student files as needed. Submit monthly report. Maintain database administration for purposes of tracking
  6. Research appropriate websites and resources to support the programme


General Duties 


  1. Coordinate with Partner Universities for Student’s Exchange Programme.
  2. Work on TBC Alumni: develop alumni database, support their professional growth, organize an annual alumni event, etc.
  3. Organize ECA/CCA activities in collaboration with students and academic staff.
  4. Coordinate with Partner Universities for Student credit transfer.
  5. Actively enroll students from all programme areas for the International Summer School Programmes.
  6. Organise Personality Development Programme (PDP) and Grooming Sessions for students.
  7. Develop and maintain a collaborative relationship with academic departments and all college stakeholders.
  8. Attend seminars and other training opportunities for professional development.
  9. To lead on the care, welfare and safety of students at all times; ensuring the students adhere to the college rules.
  10. To communicate policies regarding all aspects of student welfare, and to ensure college notice boards are up to date with correct information for students at all times.
  11. Maintain confidentiality regarding all student data and information.
  12. To ensure that all TBC Health & Safety policies are implemented and monitored.
  13. To ensure that accurate records of student attendance are being maintained and absences are being communicated to academic management in a timely manner.
  14. To ensure regular feedback from students and communicate it to the concerned programme leader and concerned department.
  15. Regular communications, newsletter and liaison with Alumni community and organise Alumni event annually.
  16. Organise job fair annually.
  17. Oversea ECA and CCA activities in the college to make it a happening place.
  18. Perform other essential duties and tasks specific to position.



Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge


  1. At least 4-5 years of Experience in relevant fields, preferred candidates with experience in colleges and schools
  2. Master’s Degree in Relevant fields
  3. Ability to work to deadlines, deal with stress and thrive under pressure.
  4. Ability to provide leadership to a range of staff
  5. Experience in managing a team
  6. Confident and highly proficient with Microsoft Office software
  7. Efficient and well organised, with attention to detail
  8. High level of communication, negotiation and mediating skills.
  9. Customer service background
  10. Ability to multitask effectively
  11. Reliable, focused and a flexible approach to working hours
  12. Team player with demonstrated customer services skills
  13. Ability to exercise good decision making skills
  14. Experience in conflict resolution and consensus building
  15. Ability to communicate and maintain systematic, coherent expectations with all constituents.


Note: The job description set out the main responsibilities but is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Specific duties may change from time to time without changing the general nature of the post and the associate is expected to be flexible in the range of responsibilities he/she undertakes


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