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Vacancy Announcement for Full-time Faculty - BSc Computing - MSc IT

Job Title

Full-time Faculty - BSc Computing / MSc IT

Reports to

Programme Leader


Full-time Faculty Standard Work Load


Teaching (80%)

Research (10%)

Admin (10%)

●      Teaching   four/five modules

●      20 hours lecture

●      15 hours preparations and

student consultations

●      Around 35 hours in total

●      Supervision           of                students'

research works

●      Doing personal research

●      Around 5-8 hours in total

●      Working with PL and APL in the given tasks on admin and management for the smooth operations

                and      development       of


●      Around 3-5 hours in total


Note: Adjustments to teaching responsibilities may be made in accordance with the college's workload policy based on the type of courses to which Full-time Faculty are assigned and the extent of their responsibilities in other areas.




  • Teaching


  1. Teach as a member of a teaching team, within a predefined programme of study, in a variety of settings from small group tutorials to large lectures;
  2. Be willing to teach students across a range of levels from level 3 to level 7.
  3. Plan and organise learning experiences which takes account of the range of ability and prior achievement of students within a class set and the individual learning needs of students.
  4. Use, or oversee, a range of appropriate teaching and assessment strategies which incorporate processes to ensure that effective learning has taken place.
  5. Fully adhere to the University / College assessment policy and procedures.
  6. Fully utilise teaching time to support learners and liaise with Personal Tutor and Additional Learning Support teams as appropriate.
  7. Make effective use of resources and learning technology including using the College/University VLE appropriate to the subject matter/skill being taught.
  8. Promote academic integrity and focus on educating students about good academic practice including use of Turnitin from the start of their course.
  9. To teach according to curriculum requirements, as required by your timetable.
  10. Supervise the work of students, including projects, field trips and where appropriate, dissertations and/or placements;
  11. To participate in the creation of Schemes of Work and other materials for teaching and learning as requested.
  12. To take responsibility for a tutor group. You will carry out the related duties as agreed and in accordance with the description of the personal tutor role.
  13. Organise co-curricular activities such as guest lectures, workshops, seminars, training sessions appropriate for teaching and learning.
  14. Carry out assessment including the design of assessment methods and criteria (for Foundation/ Pre Master course), marking assessments, ensuring adequate moderation resources, providing

written/oral feedback, and collating and providing final assessments of students;


  1. In case of unavoidable circumstances such as natural calamities, political disturbances and pandemic, if required, the Faculty is expected to deliver and record the course online via the platform recommended by the College/University.


  • Curriculum Development


  1. Contribute to curriculum development and diversification in the subject area in College Foundation /Pre Master course.
  2. Contribute to the enrichment programme across college.


  • Scholarship



  1. Reflect on practice and the development of own teaching and learning skills;
  2. Seek ways of improving personal performance by reflection on teaching design and delivery, and by obtaining and analyzing feedback from students, peers, and senior colleagues;
  3. Develop the skills of applying appropriate approaches to teaching;
  4. Engage in the scholarship and or professional development necessary to ensure up-to-date knowledge of the subject area(s);
  5. Participate in appropriate staff development activities, such as induction and other training programs and meetings as required.


  • Staffing


  1. Work collaboratively as part of a team to share good practice.
  2. Work flexibly providing cover for absent colleagues when required.
  3. Participate in continual professional development and coaching and mentoring to enhance subject knowledge and share and transfer good practice.
  • Students


- Discipline

  1. Take responsibility for promoting good standards of student behavior and conduct both within lessons and around the College.
  2. Implement and monitor/report breaches of the Student Disciplinary policy as required.


- Support for Students


  1. Work collaboratively with support teams and personal tutors to ensure that all students, regardless of ability receive the support they need to achieve their potential.


- Learner Involvement


  1. Contribute to the development and implementation of the Learner Involvement Strategy in order to improve the quality of provision and to respond appropriately to learner needs.
  2. Respond to the learner's voice by adapting approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment to meet individual learner needs.
  3. Provide students with subject-specific support in line with their Individual Learning Plans.
  1. Produce reports and references for students as required and attend parents’ meetings.
  2. Monitor and review students’ progress in line with the College’s student tracking systems and make appropriate interventions as and when required.

- Quality Assurance


  1. Seek to continually improve standards.
  2. Demonstrate effectiveness by achieving excellent levels of student retention.
  3. Contribute to the Self-Assessment Report and Quality Improvement Plan within the area.
  4. Participate in the College’s Performance Management and Appraisal System as required.
  5. Demonstrate, as a result of teaching that students achieve well relative to students’ prior achievement (and special needs where appropriate).


- Equality and Diversity


  1. Create a purposeful, positive, and supportive teaching environment, sensitive to equality and diversity.


- Management Information and Administration


  1. Keep accurate and up-to-date records of student attendance in lessons.
  2. Keep accurate records of set work, marks obtained, and student concerns and commendations using the College’s student tracking system such as Orbund System.


- Communications


  1. Attend College events, briefings, and meetings as part of the College’s schedule e.g. interview evenings, parents’ meetings, open events.
  2. Use the College’s systems, policies, and procedures to communicate issues as necessary.
  3. Regular contact and liaison with the UK Module Leader on all matters regarding curriculum, teaching, and learning. Where appropriate University Module Leader will provide the necessary guidance, direction on those aspects of the work;
  4. Use the College data systems to record information on students as required.
  5. Work collaboratively with all College teams in the best interest of learners.


- Marketing and Liaison


  1. Contribute to the marketing and promotion activities of the College and the subject area.
  2. Participate in systems for the recruitment and induction of students.


- Management of Resources


  1. Manage teaching and learning resources appropriately and to the best effect.
  2. Contribute to departmental resources and ensure these are available on the University/College VLE.


- Other


  1. Contribute to achieving the college vision, mission, and strategic objectives.
  2. Support the values of the College in all aspects of your work.
  3. Follow good practice and college policy in all aspects of the work and in the management of resources.
  4. Undertake any other duties commensurate with the grade and general responsibilities 




  1. Education Level: MSc IT or M.Eng or any other relevant degree
  2. At least 5 yrs. of academic and professional experience
  3. Proficiency in English
  4. Abroad Qualification/Degree will be a plus point


The candidates must have either of the following specializations -


Specialization (Either)

 1. Specialization on Business Intelligence, Database Systems, Data Warehouse

 2. Proficiency in SAS, Oracle Apex


Specialization (OR)


  1. Specialized in MSc Computer Engineering/MSc Computer Science/MSc Information Technology or related field
  2. Specialization on: Networking, security and forensicInternet of things
  3. Proficiency in: secure embedded systems, cybersecurity


Please forward your CV/Resume with a cover letter to our email:



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