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TBC Students Counselling and Well being Unit

TBC Students Counselling and Well being Unit


The British College Student Counselling and Wellbeing Unit (TBC SCWU) is a safe space provided to all students, teachers and staff to focus on mental health and wellbeing. The service providers are trained mental health professionals who maintain confidentiality, encourage honesty when sharing and offers support for improved mental health.



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Happy Minds is a mental health and wellbeing platform that focuses on digital mental health literacy and provides easy access to trained mental health professionals.


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Ms Sirjana Adhikari

Clinical Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Development





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Why is student counselling important?


Through proper guidance, students make better choices in life as well as get mentally prepared for the future. The students can also talk about their confusion, vulnerable moments, personal challenges and more with the counsellors. For anyone intrigued to improve personal development skills, the students also have an opportunity to seek guidance on how to reach their highest potential.



How does counselling work?


Once you are allocated your counsellor, the session is conducted virtually where the counsellor will request you to stay in an area with no disturbance, a good internet connection and turn on your video. 1st session is usually you sharing your background and talking about your challenges where the counsellor will share their opinion of your state of wellbeing. You both will sit together to work on building a better version of yourself through mutual respect and cooperation.


Will my counsellor share my information?


Client confidentiality is the counsellor’s priority. Any information shared with a counsellor is kept with the utmost confidentiality. The counsellor will only disclose the information to the college/ parents/ law enforcement agency if the client intends to harm themselves or others.


I am not a student but can I book a counselling appointment?


Yes, all TBC members are entitled to seek support with the Students counselling and wellbeing unit. This includes students, teachers, non-teaching staff.


How long is a counselling session?


Each counselling sessions are between 45 to 60 minutes long.


How can I prepare for counselling?


Your initial session request is an opportunity for you to tell your counsellor why you have referred yourself for counselling. It is okay if you do not know what your challenge is at this point. But, you may want to think about any questions you may have for the counsellor at this stage.


What issues can I share for counselling?


You may speak regarding any issues including personal and professional during a counselling session. Such as anxiety, depression, stress management, trauma healing, anger management, overthinking, time management, building confidence, study tips, conflict resolving, and more.  


TBC Students Counselling and Well being Unit



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