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TBC Guest Lecture Series

Corporate Innovation : Experiences and Challenges

Mr Bikash Nahata, CEO, IME Digital Solutions

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Social Innovation and Social Technology

Ms Sangya Kaphle, Executive Partner, Digital and Beyond

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Leading The Leaders With Consultancy Project

Dr Rajendra Sutwal, Governancce and institutional development specialist

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Liquidity Crisis In Nepal

Mr Raunak Karanjit, Acacdemician/Stock Market Ethusiast

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Leading Innovation For An Enterprising Nepal

Mr Pukar Malla, Founder and Executive Director, Daayitwa

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Business Consultancy - A Practitioner's Perspective

Mr Ashutosh Tiwari, Managing Director, SAFAL Partners

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Global Leadership

Mr Pratik Chhetri, Authentic Leadership Institute Nepal

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Hospitality Industry During Covid-19: Challenges & opportunities

Prof Dr Ramesh Raj Kunwar

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Humanitarian & Emergency Supply Chain Management

Colonel (Retd) Ratindra Khatri, Emergency Logistics Coordination Officer, UN WFP

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Venture Capital & Commercialization

Shabda Gyawali, Investment Director, Dolma Fund Management

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