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International Mobility Programme

TBC’s International Mobility Programme (IMP) is designed to help students enhance their skills and capabilities through international trips. IMP aims to offer students an opportunity to gain experience-based learning via visits to schools and industries, corporations and cultural arenas. Through IMP, TBC hopes to inspire and motivate students to learn out of the box.

TBC offers the following trip as part of its International Mobility Programme (IMP):
1.       1 Week Trip to Dubai
2.       12 Weeks Comprehensive Study Abroad Programme in Dubai
3.       Executive Training in London
4.       2 Weeks English Programme In London
5.       Summer School in London 
For further inquiries please contact:
Kristina Shrestha
Student Service Officer

Executive Training in London

Our international executive training programmes offer you actionable tools- from leading through organisational change to negotiation strategies- providing you with the insights into what makes a leader exceptional. You will get an opportunity to explore complex issues such as self-awareness and learn skills to build a coalition of the willing, attract talent, and lead others to greatness.

Experience -Based Learning in Dubai

Experience -Based Learning in Dubai



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