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Computer Forensics Lab

The British College provides a wide range of computing resources and support services. There are three computer laboratories at TBC with approximately 100 computers available. The College has a leased line with high-speed bandwidth to provide round the clock Internet access to students to enable them to remain connected with the information superhighway. Each computer has power back up. The Computer Forensics Lab is also equipped with HD Multimedia facilities.


Forensics and Security Lab:

The Forensics & Security Lab includes 34 dedicated workstations for computing students' use, and access software and network tools.  This lab is equipped with a dedicated server with isolated network layers and multiple operating systems. This laboratory is designed to allow students to practice computer security measures, including detection and investigation of computer security breaches and other digital crimes. The Forensics & Security Lab, known by many students as the “Hacker Lab,” gives students the opportunity to learn the techniques to protect information from hacking. Students also learn how to perform a forensic examination of a computer system to identify hidden files and capture digital evidence. 

Student groups meet to practice for competitions, work on projects or create their own research or investigations using various versions of Linux, and other open source software tools.


Open Access Lab:                    

The open access lab is located on the third floor of the college. It is open from Sun-Friday 7am – 5pm. The facility is open to all TBC students, except when in use for a class. Students can use this lab for preparing assignments, projects, internet and email access, and research. The lab contains 34 computer systems equipped with latest versions of applications and tools.


Computer Based Exam (CBE) Lab:

The CBE lab includes seven dedicated computer systems. It is an authorised ACCA Exam Center.



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