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Earthquake Drill at TBC

Earthquake Drill at TBC

There will be no time to think what to do; therefore, of all earthquake-preparedness measures, EARTHQUAKE DRILLS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT.

On that note, we had the Earthquake Drill today. The drill went incredibly well and shows that the entire college (both staff and students) should and will react sensibly and maturely during an actual emergency. The main aim of the Earthquake Drill was to get the students to understand they must respond to the sound of the college emergency alarm and also to identify the outside classroom meeting spot and first aid knowledge.


Safety chant taught to the students was: if inside, drop, cover and hold. That’s where you’ll be the most safe. After the shock, evacuate slowly and steadily to an open space. If outside, stay outside, and find an open space. DO NOT PANIC.

Big thanks to Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) for demonstrating the phases of the Earthquake Drill and providing such an authentic rehearsal experience.

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