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A Level Orientation Programme 2016

A Level Orientation Programme 2016

“The British Model College, a sister concern of The British College successfully organised the A Level Orientation 2016 in Hotel Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal, Kathmandu on July 12, 2016.

The orientation programme was organised to provide important college information, ice breaking games and joy to the new students. It was an occasion for the new students to get to know the college program, subjects, teachers and the rules and regulations that they need to follow in days to come.

The programme started with a welcome speech by Mr Bimal Pathak, Operations Director. Thereafter, there was an introduction session from the Admin team and faculty members, Ms. Medina Shakya, A Level Coordinator and Mr. Rajan Rai, A Level Assistant Coordinator, followed with a slide presentation about the A Level programme.

In the second half of the programme, after lunch, there was a series of ice breaking games such as “Know Your Name”, “Who Knows Your Name”, “Jump in- Jump out”, “Earthworm Race” etc. It was a wonderful opportunity for the new students to know about their new class-mates before they begin the college. It really helped to break the ice and bring all students closer, which fulfilled the main purpose of the event.
The students, staff and faculty members were provided with T-shirts with the BMC logo along with transportation facilities to pick them up and drop them off to and from the orientation venue. At the end, Ms Medina Shakya, A Level Coordinator, delivered a vote of thanks and wished them luck and success for their stay in the British Model College.

By the time of their departure, students who were strangers in the morning had become friends.

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