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The Hult Prize Hold an Onboarding Session at TBC for Participants

The Hult Prize Hold an Onboarding Session at TBC for Participants

On 18th February an “Onboarding Session” was conducted for the participants, mentors, and organisers of The Hult Prize, at The British College. 


The Hult Prize is a collaborative initiative of the Hult International Business School and the United Nations, that has been running in Nepal since 2016. Now, following the success of previous years, the Hult Prize will be hosted this year at The British college. Sponsored by Froxjob, the event will be packed with sessions and prizes - and the winning team will be awarded a million dollars.


Each year, the Hult Prize team issues a challenge that is extensively communicated to campuses and universities in more than 121 countries. This year's global call to action is “Getting The World Back To Work” and so students have been encouraged to think globally and act locally.



(Picture of MOU Signing Ceremony)


On 18th February an “onboarding session” was conducted for the participants, where mentors and the topics for mentorships were announced. Starting from 24th February 2022, the sessions will cover topics including pitching, presenting, and running a startup. Each one will be run by experts from Nepal and the UK, including lecturers from British Partner Universities and CEO’s from some of the top companies in the country. 


The event was a great success - with enthusiastic interactions between the audience and the guests throughout. There were also a number of fun sessions, which included music, poetry, quizzes, games, Q&As, and performances from singers Sagar Rana and Aashma Tamang. 


Presented by TBC, the event has been made possible by its partnership with premium companies in Nepal. Along with who are powering the event, Udhyami Innovations are acting as “Knowledge Partners”, and CakeSewa are the Gifting Partner.


The Hult Prize TBC will be back with more sessions and activities soon. So, to keep up to date with upcoming events and how you can get involved, please check the Facebook page for regular updates. 


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