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The Grand Finale of the Hult Prize 2022 at TBC

The Grand Finale of the Hult Prize 2022 at TBC

The final event of the Hult Prize at The British College was conducted on 13th March 2022 in The British College conference hall. 


The event began with a warm welcome from the hosts, Mr Nishan Shrestha and Ms Sudeepa Bajracharya. Mr Sagar Rana and Ms Aashma Tamang then performed a beautiful song, before Sumnima Rajbansi led a group dance as a welcome gesture to the judges, participants, and audience present at the event. The final performance was from the amazing magician, Mr Pratham Oli  - who performed a mind-blowing act which surprised the whole crowd.


Each team then pitched their ideas to a panel of judges, and the Q&A session turned out to be very interactive and influencing. A lucky draw announcement was also made around the end, and lucky number 286 was announced as the winner. 


As the event was approaching its end, the team “Revolution” with their project “Sarog”, representing upcycle services, was announced as the On-campus winner of the Hult Prize 2022. 


The winners were invited onto the stage and all team leaders from the seven final teams were asked to share their experiences. An award and certificate distributing ceremony was then held for all the winners and the final event ended with a wonderful closing speech from the Campus Director, Mr Grisham Tiwari.




  1. Arun Joshi: Associate Dean, The British College
  2. Bibek Bhandary: Founder, Ascendifly
  3. Binay Khadka: CEO, Khalti
  4. Jiten Shrestha: Executive Director, NEXT Venture Corp
  5. Kripa Paudel: Program Manager, NEXT Venture Corp
  6. Sunita Basnet: Head of School of Business, The British College
  7. Suraj Raj Pandey: Founder/CE, StyleFibro
  8. Utsav Kharel: Nepal Innovation Lab Lead, World Vision
  9. Yamal Chandra Rajbhandary: Associate Dean, The British College  




  1. NIC ASIA: Title Sponsor
  2. Froxjob: Executive Partner
  3. Foodmandu: Co-Sponsor
  4. Cake Sewa: Gifting Partner


Winning Team


  • Team Revolution
  • Business Name: Sarog


1st Runner up


  • Team Sahar
  • Business Name: Anuvaidya


2nd Runner up


  • Team Project Simple
  • Business Name: Orbit Innovation Nepal


Total OCs: 14; Emcees: 2; Volunteers: 5 


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