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MoU between TBC & MICNIC Nepal

MoU between TBC & MICNIC Nepal
The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between The British College and the Microsoft Innovation Center and was held on 16 June (today), 2016 at The British College Board Room.
This MoU was signed for the fiscal year 2017. Bimal Raj Pathak, Operations Director, Arun Lal Joshi, Programme Leader, BSc (Hons) Computing, and the staff from IT Department, Student Services Department, Administration and Marketing Department attended the ceremony from TBC. Likewise, Pradeep Kandel was present from MICNIC Nepal in the ceremony. The programme was adorned by the Operations Director in the presence of staff and delegate from MIC Nepal. Bimal Raj Pathak and Pradeep Kandel signed the MoU on behalf of TBC and MIC Nepal.
The initial MoU will help to strengthen our committed methods to working together and “the access to current technologies”. Like in the previous year, this partnership will present opportunities for our students and faculties mainly in four areas such as access to Microsoft software, skills building training and certification, innovation and technical entrepreneurship.
We would like to thank the MIC team for their engagement with TBC. The continuation of this understanding provides both the MIC and TBC with an excellent opportunity to work together to achieve the planned aims of both parties.

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