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Teej Celebration at TBC

Teej Celebration at TBC

The British College hosted the Teej Programme on 9Th September 2018. The British College staff attended the programme with great enthusiasm and energy. Dressed in colorful traditional attire, kurta, the staff enjoyed delicious Nepali food followed by dancing and interactive games. Nabina Shrestha, Assistant Manager, Student Services Department, had the honour of winning first prize in musical chairs.


Mr. Rajen Kandel, CEO, and Subhajit Sanyal, Masters Programme Leader, also participated in the event with great eagerness and stole the show with their signature dance moves. All in all, the event was filled with laughter, delicious food, great music, dancing, games and above all a lot of zeal from the staff members. A huge thank you to the HR team for organising the event and keeping the tradition alive. Keep dancing ladies!


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