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TBC students reach new heights at Mardi Himal Base Camp

TBC students reach new heights at Mardi Himal Base Camp

One of the highlights of The British College ECA calendar took place this mid March as Foundation Level students of both BBA & BSc (Hons) Computing trekked Mardi Himal Base Camp. A total of 37 students along with 2 college staff headed for the trek from the college premise on 15th March 2017. Of the 10 day long trip, the first destination was Pokhara. The next day, with the scenic view of the Machhapuchre Himal, the actual trek began to the base camp.


The trek was a real life time experience for the students. 6 – 7 hours of continuous walk in the jungles and mountains with rain and snow was a real challenge. But the struggle was worth it for the happiness of finally reaching the destination and the feeling of great accomplishment. At the high camp, which was already covered with 2 feet of snow, a whole day snow fall was an experience to treasure. Students played the whole day with the snow; they made snowmen and were so motivated that they even built a huge “Igloo”. The view of Machhapuchre Himal standing in front of you, the colorful Rhododendrons, the snow fall, the snow ball fight, snowmen, igloo and amazing friends, what else could you wish for?

After returning from a tiring week long trek, an extra two nights in Pokhara was a well-earned luxury. With the beautiful Fewa Lake, good food and a comfy bed to sleep, you forget all the tiredness and at the end all you have is beautiful memories to cherish.     

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