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TBC Notice

TBC Notice

TBC staff continue to think of you and we are in constant discussion with the housing managers about how long it will be before we can again see everyone in our classrooms. Your safety, and that of everyone connected with TBC, remains our priority. We will contact you next week to update you on the situation. TBC‘s staff have been working tirelessly to keep in contact with everyone and have established a temporary office in the sports complex.

Meanwhile, if you or your family are in need of any assistance please contact us on the following numbers:- 9841204282 (Arun Joshi) , 9841772072 (Ivy Thapa), 9841861010 (Arun Bajracharya), 9841378578(Dipankar Sherpa).
The support of our franchise partners in the UK, University of the West of England and Leeds Beckett University is very much appreciated.

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