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TBC Knowledge Sessions

TBC Knowledge Sessions

TBC paired up with Edushala this weekend for our first edition of TBC Knowledge Sessions. The workshop entitled ‘Corporate Sales Techniques’ was set to aid technical understanding and execution of the sales process; providing a repeatable, systematic sales process that can be followed to take a prospective clients from interest development to closure. The workshop was attended by over 40 individuals from a range of professional backgrounds, with varying levels of experience in sales.

The workshop was split into two sessions. One session held by our resident soft skills trainer and lecturer Kristina Kmetekova where the art of persuasion through speech and body language was discussed. The other session held by Subhajit Sanyal, Masters programme leader, discussed the technical strategies behind sales success. Participants were given the opportunity to demonstrate what they learnt in group pitches based upon some original products their video advertisements. Pitches were watched, questions asked and points were given to each team. Attendees felt more confident in their pitching ability after the session and are eager to apply these techniques in the future.

TBC would like to thank all those who attended; we hope to see you at our next installment of TBC Knowledge Sessions.

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