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TBC Intra College Futsal Tournament 2017

TBC Intra College Futsal Tournament 2017

Sporting activities are very important at TBC due to their ability to promote drive, teamwork and sportsmanship. In order to enhance student participation, TBC hosted the Intra College Futsal Tournament 2017 on February 11th and 12th. The two day league was held in Grassroots Recreational Center, Mandikatar and was attended by 13 teams from different levels. Team Bhogotey Boys from BBA L4 and Team Nevermind from BBA L6 reached the finals. The  final was tense, exciting and the game was draw with a score of 2 goals each. Finally, after extra time, Team Bhogatey Boys from BBA L4 won the tournament with the score of 4-2. Dhiraj Thapa of BBA L4 won the highest goal scorer title with 11 goals throughout the tournament. Nischal Puri of BBA L6 was declared The Best Player of the tournament after some exceptional performances. The winners, runner up, and individual title winners were awarded with TBC Futsal trophies, medals and a cash prize by Pooja Malla (Operations Manager of TBC), Durga Bahadur Thapa ( Sports Manager of TBC) and Pawan Bhattrai (Associate Manager, ECA/CCA of TBC) at the closing ceremony on Sunday.


Thank you to all the competitors and a big congratulations to our winners. 

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