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TBC Holi Festival 2019

TBC Holi Festival 2019

To enjoy the festival of colours every year, we go out there for our students. This year was no exception. With the hope of making it one of most the memorable experience, The British College organised "Holi Festival 2019" on 19th March 2019.


Everyone, including Foundation, A Level, ACCA, Bachelor's and Master's Students daubed in coloured powder were enjoying every bit of the celebration. The function included fun games, sharing of colours, dance and music. Furthermore, the students played a safe Holi and many were reluctant to leave the lively celebrations.

TBC believes that celebrations such as this contribute to the development of a healthy mind, physical fitness, and emotional maturity and will teach students the importance of cultural and traditional values.


Thank you to all the participants, the Student Service Department and the ECA team for making the function stimulating.


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