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Statement on the Death of our student Gaurav Shrestha

Statement on the Death of our student Gaurav Shrestha

It is with our condolences that we give an update on Gaurav Shrestha, our student who passed away in Dubai two weeks ago. The full police report has confirmed the nature of death as purely accidental. We managed to get the case prioritised and had our students and staff return to Nepal safely a few days after the accident. We have spent time with Gaurav’s family and have provided them with full support in everything needed to begin the grieving process.


The British College is devasted to lose our student, who was a key member of the TBC community. We are offering continued support to the family and all who have been affected by this tragedy. If you feel personally affected, please don’t hesitate to visit the student services department for support and advice or ask to see our student counsellor.


Created at: 2019-02-26 16:10:16




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