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Special Notice In Relation To Covid-19 Corona Virus

Special Notice In Relation To Covid-19 Corona Virus

19th March 2020


Dear Students and Parents 


I am writing following the current developments regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Nepal and around the Globe. The Health and wellbeing of our students and staff are our first priority. We have been closely monitoring various policies and advice suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO), National Health Services (NHS UK) and the Government of Nepal. During the last few weeks, we have implemented extra cleaning and sanitation procedures in the College, such as various safety notices and hand sanitisers around the college. Our security staff are using an infrared thermometer to check the temperature of all visitors and students who enter the College. We have implemented a self-isolation policy for students and staff if they feel unwell for any cold and flu-like symptoms. Students and staff are advised not to attend the College if they have any of the symptoms no matter how minor and they will not be penalised for their absence. 


Due to the increased concern regarding the COVID-19 virus by the WHO in the last few days, we have now come to the decision to implement our business continuation plan and follow strict social distancing policies around the College for its staff and students. All the College’s services will remain fully open however, all of our teachings will now move online from Sunday 22nd March 2020. The College already has various online platforms for students to support their teaching and learning such as Orbund, Google Classroom, Hangout Meet (Video teaching) and Blackboard. Student course material will be uploaded onto these platforms for students to revise their lessons. All the scheduled classes will now simply move online on Google Hangout Meet and recorded lessons will be uploaded on the College’s Google Drive for students to access. Students will be able to access these via their computers, tablet and mobile phones. Students will also be contacted directly by relevant lecturers and staff for their course-related details.      


We are also in regular touch with our partner universities and awarding bodies to support our students for their special assessments during this difficult time. We will continue to fully support our students. All our college services will be available online and there would be limited services on campus during these times. We will have a limited number of staff working at the College and the remaining staff will be working from home during their normal office hours to support our students. Students and parents will be able to contact us via email, college’s normal switchboard number, special hotline and Whatsapp. We are committed to supporting our students as much as possible so that none of our students will be losing any time of study during this time and they will be able to make progress as normal on their studies. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. We will fully resume teaching services on the campus as soon as we know it’s safe to do so. We would like to especially thank all the parents for their concern and support during this unprecedented time. 


Yours faithfully,

Rajen Kandel 

CEO & Founder

The British College   



Important College Switchboards:


TBC Students Services Department 


Hotline: 9823041013

Whatsapp: 9823041013

Viber: 9823041013


IT Services Department 


Hotline: 9801134294


Library and Learning Support Department 


Hotline: 9823041138


Finance Department 


Hotline: 9823041356




Hotline: 9801134378


A-Levels Student Service Department


Hotline: 9801134364


ACCA Student Service Department


Hotline: 9801134480



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