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Skill Boosters: Guest Speaker Lectures at the British Model College

Skill Boosters: Guest Speaker Lectures at the British Model College


December has brought the chill, Himalayan winter breeze into the Kathmandu Valley; and along with it, we have welcomed some amazing end-of-the-year lectures by two remarkable speakers to keep us warmed-up with new, ever-lasting knowledge.


The first talk was conducted on 7th December by Ms Sadichha Shrestha, widely-known for achieving the title of “Miss Nepal 2010” at the country’s 16th pageant. Ms Shrestha, who is also a successful businesswoman and a company director, and who has worked as a brand ambassador for several renowned companies and organisations, conducted an enticing “Student Boosting Session”. She touched on topics such as ethics, effective communication and tips for improving both online and offline studies.


And the second lecture was held on 19th December 19th by Ms Alina Prajapati, Co-Founder of Reboot Skill Pvt. Ltd. and Managing Director of Cera Nepal Udyog. “Financial Independence for Youngsters” was the title of her provoking talk, in which she covered aspects such as financial education and financial planning from a young age.

At BMC we are proud to be providing such a variety of lectures and workshops monthly, covering a wide range of crucial topics to enhance our student’s learning process and make prepare them for the challenges of today and of the days to come.

Click Here for some Lecture snaps! (Speaker in black: Ms. Sadichha Shrestha; Speaker in red: Ms. Alina Prajapati)


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