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Say YES to future opportunities

Say YES to future opportunities

Young Entrepreneurs’ Society (Y.E.S) at The British College, Kathmandu recently organised a talk show program, inviting Mr. Amun Thapa (CEO of Sasto Deal) as a speaker to motivate students to be entrepreneurs and promote understanding of the new dynamics in business.


The talk show program was mainly focus on ‘Youth can do it’. The agenda for the talk show was how to start a startup company; challenges faced by the startup companies and how to overcome those challenges. A discussion was given on the challenges faced by Sasto Deal, how it overcame those challenges and as a result how it has managed to grow.




Mr. Thapa highlighted ways of doing business in Nepal and shared his experience at Sasto Deal. He encouraged students to work on their own ideas and implement them emphasising taking quick action rather than taking notes and planning. Later on he discussed about Red ocean and Blue ocean strategy and also talked about looking for small details while doing business.


This program actively encouraged the students to take initiative and proceed in their professional endeavors. The students reacted enthusiastically; they came up with many questions which Mr. Thapa answered effectively, satisfying the students’ curiosity.


The founders of YES Mr. Aahwan Shrestha, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Singh, Mr. Safal Shrestha and Mr. Subhadra Shree Rajbhandari introduced this talk show program to help the students understand the new approaches and strategies to business from a real life entrepreneur.


After an hour of engaging discussion, the YES founders concluded the proceedings by awarding a token of appreciation to Mr. Thapa. Membership forms were distributed as many students were interested to join YES.

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