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PSU Thailand Trip 2022

PSU Thailand Trip 2022
As part of the student and faculty exchange programme with Prince of Songkla University Thailand, TBC students were engaged in a number of industry visits.
PSU Science Park: TBC faculty members and students visited the PSU Science Park where a presentation and a tour of the park's business incubation activities and Food Makerspace pilot plant and laboratories were conducted.
ICC Hatyai: The group was also welcomed by the 60th Celebration to the Accession to the Throne International Convention Center, Hatyai on November 03, 2022 as part of the industry visit tour. Students visited the premises and discussed the convention centre's operations and plans on making a mark in Thailand's exhibition industry.
Central Hatyai: Students got a rare opportunity to meet the marketing team of Central Hatyai, the largest shopping mall in Southern Thailand where they were able to engage in insightful discussion regarding the changes in post pandemic buyer behavior and adaptation strategies.



Research Symposium  


TBC students from MIBM, EMBA and BBA programmes presented their final research projects at the 6th International Research Symposium organized by the Prince of Songkla University on 1st November 2022.
Ms Sunita Basnet, Head of the School of Business of TBC presented her Keynote session. In addition Ms Nishtha Rajbhandari, Programme Leader of PGBM participated as the commentator for the papers presented.
More than 265 presentations were made in the symposium with participation from 10 international institutions around the world.


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