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Personality Development with Malvika Subba

Personality Development with Malvika Subba

On Tuesday 10th July 2018, the British Model College hosted a public speaking training session for the A2 Level students lead by Malvika Subba. Miss Subba is well known for being awarded the title of Miss Nepal in 2002 along with her well-reputed recognition as a media personality, entrepreneur, and social activist.


 The session encouraged British Model College students to become self-confident in the areas of pronunciation, public speaking and body language. Miss Subba conducted the session using her public speaking experiences from across almost two decades; guidance included tips for the perfect posture during speech giving, and the use of technological aids to achieve optimal speech control. The session will be of great value to the British Model College students as they develop public speaking abilities for higher education and future career purposes. 


It was a great pleasure for the British Model College to host an experienced professional, and the students felt privileged to listen to such an influential figure in the field.


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