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Orientation Programme for BSc (Hons) Computing Top-up Students (March Intake 2019)

Orientation Programme for BSc (Hons) Computing  Top-up Students (March Intake 2019)

The British College (TBC) welcomed our fresh batch of BSc (Hons) Computing Top-up students (March Intake) by hosting an interactive orientation programme at The British College premise on February 24, 2019.  


The programme started with a warm welcome by Mr Joey Foster Ellis followed by a motivating speech from Arun Joshi (Programme Leader) about the core of our BSc (Hons) Computing programme and why it is Nepal’s best. Students were then introduced to the l6 available courses TBC offers by Rohit Pandey (Associate Programme Leader). The objective of the introduction was to familiarise students with the l6 course structure along with the University standards. It also aimed to support their new academic and social settings as they begin their final year journey with TBC. The programme was concluded with a short speech about the community standards of TBC by Mr Joye Foster Ellis. The students were then treated to a delicious lunch at the college canteen where they had a chance to interact with each other while enjoying the food.


Thank you to all those that attended. The British College team wishes all the new students the very best and hope they achieve an unforgettable academic experience here at TBC!


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