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Networking Lunch for EMBA Students

Networking Lunch for EMBA Students

On 27th August, the PGBM Team at The British College organised a Networking Lunch Event with TBC Industry Advisors and EMBA Students, at the Soaltee Hotel, Kathmandu. 


The objective of the event, which ran from 1 pm to 3.30 pm, was to facilitate an environment in which EMBA students could meet Industry Advisors and have the opportunity to both shares with, and learn from them and each other. 


The event was attended by four advisors, Ms Aashmi Rana, Mr Gyanendra Lal Pradha, Mr Siddhanta Padney, and Mr Birendra Pandey. They engaged students in a discussion on the impact of Covid19 on the advisor's businesses and what their plans were for the future. Through this, they got the chance to learn about adaptability in light of the challenges brought about by Covid 19, as well as new opportunities that have emerged as a result of the pandemic. 


It also gave the students an opportunity to share their own experiences on managing their business throughout the pandemic - and subsequently receive advice by talking with each advisor individually over lunch. 


Both students and staff found the event to be very productive and motivating. It is a true reflection of how The British College seeks to always adapt to the times and keep students informed as to best handle the ever-changing business world, and we look forward to more events like this in the future. 



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