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Industrial visit for BBA students

Industrial visit for BBA students
With an objective to impart knowledge about operations and Quality assurance, the students of The British College visited Bottlers Nepal, Balaju on 24th June 2016. The visit was planned for the students of BBA – 2nd semester and the students were accompanied by Associate Programme Leader Ms. Kumuda Lamichhane and Senior Student Service Officer- Mrs. Reena Shrestha. 


The students were briefed about the history of Coca Cola which was followed by a tour of the plant. The staff disseminated knowledge to the students regarding how Coca Cola maintains such impeccable quality standard together with the many certifications. The students lined up to witness the assembly line and were briefed about the processes and operations undertaken by the plant to come up with the final product.  The students also got to observe the entire manufacturing process from sorting the bottles for production till the end product ready to leave the plant.


It was later followed by a question and answer session where the staff patiently answered questions that the students had to ask. The students got deep insights to the functioning and operations of the plant.


The visit to Bottlers Nepal was indeed a very elevating experience for students where they got to witness such high levels of quality standard and assembly line of the most popular company in the world. 

Currently, two of our BBA 8th Semester students are doing internship in Bottlers Nepal. 

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