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Celebrating International Yoga Week

Celebrating International Yoga Week

The British College recently celebrated the International Day of Yoga, at the college premises. The sessions of Yoga and meditation for our students and staff, were conducted by those engaged in stress management services as well as educational and humanitarian movement, Art of Living.


The programme revolved around physical practice: moving through yoga poses, practicing yoga breathing and mental practice; focusing our mind and moving with the words of the trainer, as our brain develops awareness. The session has been exciting and it has been able to gather an attention of students and staff too. The involvement and enthusiasm is proving that Yoga is escalating profoundly.



'The session was marvelous and motivates me to join the Yoga, which I will do very soon,' said one of the students from the BBA. Likewise, the class representative of BSc (Hons) Computing, shares that she was completely drowned in the meditation session, which refreshed her, as she felt that her mind became calm and silent afterwards.


We hope sessions such as these help both staff and students to manage the stress of work and studies. A big thank you to the representatives from the Art of Living for providing such an amazing arrangement.

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