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Leeds Beckett University visit 22nd -25th Feb 2016

Leeds Beckett University visit 22nd -25th Feb 2016
On Monday, Feb 22, The British College welcomed delegates from Leeds Beckett University, UK, whose visit entailed carrying out a UK Quality Assurance audit. Those who visited included Professor Ieuan Ellis (Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences), Dr Nick Sutcliffe (Principal Lecturer, Carnegie Faculty), Dr Carlton McDonald (Acting Deputy Head Computing and Mathematics, University of Derby), Helen Jones (Quality Officer – Collaborative Provision, Quality Assurance Services, Leeds Beckett University) and Lesley Earle (Principal Lecturer & Lead Link Tutor Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology).
During their visit from 22nd - 25th February 2016, the delegates were engaged in various activities and events at the college including those related to UK Quality Assurance, such as reviewing the college infrastructure and academic team. They also participated in a series of meetings with the senior management team at TBC. The British College is proud to have adopted university quality assurance procedures as set out in the Leeds Beckett University Franchise Framework and course documentation. TBC continue to invest in their infrastructure to ultimately enhance the student experience and to support growing student numbers. Currently, TBC offers BSc (Hons) Computing and is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Education for MSc Information Management.
After the inspection, the review team was highly impressed by the steady growth in student numbers, including international students, over a three year period in the Undergraduate Computing award, and was confident that the course is being appropriately managed and delivered. Because of this confidence, Leeds Beckett University were pleased to renew their partnership with The British College and gave several commendations in various areas such as excellent progress record of students, earthquake resilience.

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