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GrowthSellers 16th Excellence Series held at The British College

GrowthSellers 16th Excellence Series held at The British College

On 22nd June, IT, HR, and Marketing Heads gathered at The British College (TBC), Thapathali, for a panel discussion on the topic ‘Introducing Technology in HR: Usages and Challenges’. The panel was made up of professionals from various IT companies, corporate houses, banks, media, and colleges from across Kathmandu. Special guests included Ms Bina Rana, former HR Head, Standard Chartered Bank Ltd, who was the resource person for the discussion, Ms Pranita Upadhyaya, Associate Programme Leader -MSc IT, TBC, and Mohan Ojha, Managing Director, Growth Sellers.


To open the event, Ms Pranita Upadhyaya shed light on the MSc IT programme, speaking briefly about the course; evoking enthusiasm about further studies in the IT field and providing ideas for the discussion to commence. The panel discussion was led by Ms Bina Rana. There was extensive participation from the audience, many personal experiences were shared from respective professional settings; offering a fantastic opportunity to confer and share notes on this significant topic.


The group identified the main beneficial usages of technology in HR to include practices in their companies for recruitment purposes, monitoring learning development and for data collection and reporting. Skype, LinkedIn, social media, digital absence reporting, creating training programmes and breaking down data collections for strategic approaches to achieve greater productivity were identified as important tools.


Alongside the usages there were a number of challenges that were discussed; many expressed their concerns over the breakdown of face-to-face communication between HR and the rest of the staff due to a growing reliance on online communication methods. Furthermore, finding time to continually upgrade the IT skills of HR staff, managing the risks of system failures and receiving sufficient funding for current HR software.


Lastly, the discussion moved to what people were most excited to talk about; new technology in the global market that could be the future of local HR departments. There is a growing use of virtual reality for recruitment which provides a means to capture body language, mannerisms etc. these factors can be telling about candidates in the interviewing process. The use of Big Data in HR can determine trends in business and indicate the need for extra training in departments that are struggling. Interestingly, even Artificial Intelligence can be used as a means of employee retention as it can predict the needs of staff. The general consensus was this; if HR departments are to continue playing a critical role in companies, directing and managing organisational change, it is essential that they have technology at their core.

Mr Mohan Ojha wrapped up the event which was followed by Hi-tea, networking, and mementos provided by TBC.


TBC is glad to have hosted such an interactive and proactive panel discussion engaging HR Professionals from the leading corporate houses of Nepal.


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