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Friendly Futsal Match 2016

Friendly Futsal Match 2016

As the part of A Level Extra Curricular Activities, the A Level students along with the support of the ECA department at the College organised an inter-class friendly Futsal Match on Sunday, March 20th 2016.  The venue for the match was Velocity Arena, Ratopul, Ktm.  There were four teams; AS Science, AS Non Science, A2 Science and A2 Non Science.  The game started at 10am and ended at around 11am. Each team played a fair game and the game was refereed by Durga Bahadur Thapa, ECA Coordinator and Santosh Susling, Sports Incharge. The match ended with the victory of AS Non Science. 


Congratulations to the winning team and thank you to all the participants, the A Level team and the ECA team for making the program successful.   

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