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Field Visit to National Innovation Centre

Field Visit to National Innovation Centre

On 29th March 2022, BBA Students were invited to participate in a workshop and training session at the National Innovation Centre.  


The students attended the field visit as a requirement of the module ‘Design Thinking’. Led by Dr Mahavir Pun, the session covered the National Innovation Centre’s purpose and value creation model.


As a part of the session, Dr Pun briefed the students on a selection of the current and future innovative products being created at the National Innovation Centre. Most of the projects were still prototypes, however, a few had been completed and were ready to move to commercialisation. 


He explained that among many others, medical drones, 3D printers, moveable beehives, baby warmers, and agricultural equipment were next in the pipeline to be commercialised. He added that various food products have also been made commercial but are in the infant stage in the market.


The students learned that coffee roasting machines and tea leaf dryers gain the most popular after commercialisation. However, Dr Pun explained that the current innovations are not creating the impact and disruption desired in the existing market and talked about how the Centre is challenging this.


Mr Mahabir Pun concluded the session with a motivational speech about how students should take initiative in research and development. It was a great end to what had been a thoroughly enjoyable and informative session for the students. 



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