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ECA Meeting with The Students.

ECA Meeting with The Students.

We want to thank everyone for the delightful meeting of ECA with the students. 


Over the course of this year, we are continuing to look at the ways to enhance and refine our committee. A number of events are going to be working persistently find ways to outstrip our clubs. We are grateful to all the students who has made an effort to brainstorm their ideas, which will be beneficial for the students to enhance their talent.  


The participation of the students in Extra Curriculum Activities which was about various activities and events in which the students will participate and mobilize other students to look up to their ideas for further outcome. The students will be participating in various groups which will be a great way to socialize with the committee and other members.


Furthermore, the meeting was productive in order to make the students aware of the events taking place at The British College by which the confidence and skills develops that support over into other areas of the study.


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