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Corporate Collaborations

Corporate Collaborations

Corporate Collaborations 


The British College is delighted to share that this month they have signed a number of influential MOUs, forming strong partnerships with corporate collaborations across Nepal.


One of the first partnerships created this month was with MAW Enterprises (Morang Auto Works). Since 1964 they have built themselves up from a small auto repair shop to the  multifaceted conglomerate that they are today.This month we also signed a partnership deal with the Laxmi Group, who are another example of a small business that has grown into a huge corporation. 


Starting as a family enterprise selling confectionery, the Laxmi Group is now a reputed group of industries and trading houses providing Nepal with some of the top confectionery brands.Therefore, we are delighted to have them both sharing their expertise with our students and providing them with exposure to the multiple companies with which they work. 


In September we also signed an MoU with Froxjob. Froxjob is one of the leaders in the job marketplace and is run by a group of professionals who have had interests and expertise in various management sectors since 2009. Through this partnership we will be able to provide placement opportunities for our students, and as their first act of guidance, Froxjob is hosting a job fair at TBC this November. 


Finally, the British College is delighted to share the news that they are now partnering with Hivelaya - a company that is dedicated to helping people transform their lives by upskilling, reskilling, and becoming lifelong learners. In partnering with them, TBC will be using their knowledge and skills to inspire the students through research projects, internships, and placements.


All MOUs were signed by the founders, partners, CEOs or Deans from both companies, and organised by the Marketing team at TBC. All of these partnerships present a great opportunity for TBC and the respective companies to learn from each other and  we look forward to the great working relationships to come.


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