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Corporate Collaborations - Nov Dec 2021

Corporate Collaborations - Nov Dec 2021

The British College is delighted to share that this month they have signed two more MOUs - both with top Education Consultancies in Nepal. 


The first partnership created this month was with Four Steps Consultancy. Four Steps in one of the top Education Consultancies in Nepal. They pride themselves on assisting students in the entire process of going abroad - from completing applications, preparing financial statements, providing guidance, and conducting mock interviews. 


And the second MOU this month was with Tara International Education Pvt. Ltd - an education consultancy that is accredited by reputed universities, colleges, and professional awarding and governing bodies. For the past decade, they have had great success representing a number of leading universities and colleges in various countries including Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, India and Ireland - and we are excited to be able to use the expertise of both these leading companies to help our students to also achieve their dreams of going abroad and furthering their global education. 


All MOUs were signed by the founders, partners, CEOs or Deans from both companies, and organised by the Marketing team at TBC. They each present a great opportunity for TBC and the respective companies to learn from each other and we look forward to the great working relationships to come.


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