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Business Intelligence | An Online Course By Ayush Subedi

Business Intelligence | An Online Course By Ayush Subedi

This is a 10/12 weeks online course on Business Intelligence. The course will be a closed session based on student’s registration. 


  1. Basic Details:
Title Business Intelligence
Audience TBC and Non-TBC Students
Eligibility Completed or completing Undergraduate degree  
Registration Capacity 25 Students
Schedule Once  a week of 2.5/3 hours session each
Start date 1st August 2021
Platform Zoom
Registration Fees  NRs 1,000



  • Study Units


Unit 1  Introduction to BI (Definition, Context, Process, Use Cases)
Unit 2 Decision Making and Decision Support Systems 
Unit 3  Introduction to Business Metrics, KPIs
Unit 4 Business statistics 
Unit 5 Descriptive Analysis with Excel/Google Sheets
Unit 6 Time Series Analysis, Simple Regression, Trends, Seasonality concepts with relevant instances
Unit 7 Design Principles
Unit 8/9  Workshop on building Tableau Dashboard
Unit 10 Diagnostic analysis
Unit 11 Current trends in Business Intelligence (Machine Learning, AI)


  1. Tutor (Mr. Ayush Subedi)  



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