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British Model College Students on Shramadana Camp

British Model College Students on Shramadana Camp

British Model College, a sister organization of The British College 13 of our A Level students took part in a four-day Shramadana service- learning camp in Simle, Lalitpur together with the students from The United States for America to join hands in building a school building and library.


Serene Sharma, Kunjan Uprety, Nayan Rai, Bikash Ruwali, Apekshya Adhikari, Sweekriti Bhattrai, Nischal Shrestha, Sabil Khan, Akash Shrestha, Suman Acharya, Sajag Pandey, Prasoon Shrestha and Sandesh Poudel had participated in the Shramadana Program from 3rd- 6th January, 2014 in Simle, a rural village in Lalitpur. Along with 12 students from USA, they helped the local people to build the school library for Shree Chndeshwori Secondary School. Student helps in digging   the base for the building, white painting the existing building and even carrying stones from downhill. The program was organized by Anuvuti International.

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