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Bollywood Night

Bollywood Night

On April 28th, 2023, our students were invited to step into the world of Bollywood magic and immerse themselves in the unforgettable memories of the ultimate Bollywood Night that TBC hosted at LOD Nepal. 


This night was not just an event; it was an experience that resonated with the beats of Indian cinema, bringing together enthusiasts to revel in the sheer grandeur of the occasion. And the spotlight of the evening belonged to none other than the sensational Sabin Rai and The Pharaohs, whose electrifying live performance set the stage on fire. 


But the night wasn't just about music; it was also a symphony of sight and sound - with breathtaking dance performances that left the audience in awe and truly captured the essence of Bollywood's iconic dance sequences.


A special mention must go to the gracious venue, LOD, which provided the perfect canvas for this remarkable night to unfold. The ambience was carefully crafted to create an atmosphere of opulence and allure, complementing the star-studded lineup and the dazzling performances. We would also like to thank our ticketing partner, Ticket Sanjal, who made it possible for the doors to be open to all, and for a diverse audience to be part of this celebration of culture, music, and the spirit of Bollywood.


Overall the night was an incredible success and one that we are sure will be talked about, cherished, and relieved for years to come.

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