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BMC Farewell Programme 2019

BMC Farewell Programme 2019

The A Level students of British Model College organised a farewell programme for their seniors of Batch 2017-19 at Club Déjà Vu on March 28, 2019. The farewell programme was celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and joy. The evening comprised of fun-filled events, lots of enthusiasm and joy including Mr and Miss Fresher as well.


The event started with a warm welcome speech by Joey Foster Ellis (Principal) and was followed by some amazing musical and dance performances by the students. It was an occasion for the outgoing students to look back at the time that they spent in the college and the education that they acquired during the period. Mesmerising musical acts and fantastic dance performances.


The students hosted an amazing show for their seniors which was a celebratory gesture for the passing out students of the TBC family. The highlight of the evening was the Mr and Miss Fresher awarded by the Mr and Miss Fresher of the previous batch.


The evening was a huge success with students thoroughly enjoying the food, performances and the even better company.


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