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Meeting with ACCA and TBC Team

Meeting with ACCA and TBC Team
The meeting with Dr. Afra Sajjad, Head of Education, Emerging Market, ACCA and Ms. Kapila Amatya along with our TBC team was successfully carried out yesterday.
Dr. Afra Sajjad focused on numerous crucial areas which was very fruitful. Some of the topics of the meeting included exemption process by ACCA to the BBA students, scholarships for students, pass rate and admissions procedure. The meeting was a learning session for the TBC team.The entire focus was on finding ways to work together and highlight the benefits of ACCA course to the prospective students.
TBC would like to thank Dr. Afra Sajjad and Ms. Kapila Amatya for their support and also for sharing their ideas which was indeed very helpful.

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