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ACCA Orientation Programme 2023

ACCA Orientation Programme 2023

On 20th February 2023, British Professional College (BPC) welcomed the new batch of ACCA students, by hosting an interactive orientation programme at Hotel Himalaya, Nagarkot. 


The orientation began with a welcome session led by the Executive Principal, Prof. Mary Bishop, who formally addressed students and helped to commence the programme - along with Deputy Principal, Dr Patrick McCrudden and Head of ACCA (Nepal), Mr Rabin Katwal.


The welcome session was followed up by a formal introduction to the ACCA programme, which was conducted by ACCA Programme Manager, Mr Dipendra K Shrestha, along with other department heads. 


In addition, BPC alumni Ms Rejika Maharjan shared her professional experience and provided tips on students' academic success and professional careers. And newly enrolled student, Mr Sohel Khan, also shared his experience and expectations from the College and the ACCA programme. In addition, two times global prize winner from BPC, Ms. Riya Manandhar, shared her journey to becoming world topper.


This was followed by singing, dancing, games, some delicious food, and other fun activities - leaving all of the students with some new friends and some great memories.


Thank you to all those who attended. We look forward to your coming years with BPC - and wish you every success for your ACCA journey.



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