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ACCA Exposure Visit to the Supreme Court of Nepal

ACCA Exposure Visit to the Supreme Court of Nepal

Accounting professionals are required to contribute to the legal system in various roles. Practical knowledge of legal procedures enables accounting professional to facilitate the judiciary in delivering justice in its right spirit., however, accounting students lack this practical empowerment and thus may not be able to contribute to the justice system in the best way during their professional life.


Therefore, we decided to offer exposure to real life courtroom procedures to our ACCA students, in order to enhance their knowledge and confidence. On the initiative of corporate and business law (LW) faculty, Pooja Khatri, British Professional College, conducted an exposure visit for ACCA students at the Supreme Court of Nepal on 13th May 2019 with the following objectives:


- A hands on approach towards a better understanding of the Domestic Legal System

- Practical experience of court hearing and process.

- Know-how of legal system.


The visit was planned for the ACCA Corporate and Business Law (LW) students and was accompanied by Mr. Nripesh Shrestha (Programme Manager), Mr. Dipendra K Shrestha (Associate Programme Manager), and Ms. Pooja Khatri (ACCA-LW Faculty). The students were welcomed by the section officer of Nepal, Mr. Neetiz Rai. The students then lined up to witness the session and were briefed about the processes and operations undertaken by the registrar to deliver the final session.


The students had the opportunity to observe the entire session, and after the visit had a chance to interact and discover more about the procedures followed by the court. We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to the Supreme Court. The visit was an elevating experience for our students as they had the opportunity to gain a deep insight into the functioning and operations of the Nepalese legal system.

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