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Academic Guest Lecture Series: Mr Tim Gocher

Academic Guest Lecture Series: Mr Tim Gocher

Tim Gocher, CEO and Founder of Dolma Impact Fund and Hon. Prof. of Sustainable Business at The University of Nottingham (Malaysia), lectured BBA students on the growth and challenges faced by businesses in an international and local context on Tuesday 5th June.


The Dolma Foundation is a British non-profit organisation and was founded by Mr. Gocher in 2003. The foundation provides full scholarships for the education of the poorest children in Nepal and supports developmental community projects. Mr. Gocher has a background in investment banking and urban development with particular knowledge of energy, technology and real estate sectors.


Mr. Gocher began the lecture with a discussion about the international market, with a focus on the corporate sector in the UK. Mr. Gocher took the example of a shoe manufacturing company and examined the necessary procedures at various levels to facilitate the smooth operation of the company. The lecture revolved around the factors that differentiate the running of a manufacturing company in Nepal on a national level, to that on an international level.


Mr. Gocher went on to highlight the foundations of what is needed to establish a sustainable manufacturing company, which included: accessing raw materials, purchasing equipment, employing skilled labourers and attaining a suitable workspace. Furthermore, Mr. Gocher elaborated on different ways to receive funding in different stages of the business; he emphasized the use of commercial capital for poverty alleviation and for Property commercialisation, as well as for the development of technology clusters.


He concluded his lecture by shedding some light on the importance of impact investment which is an investment to the people calculating the financial, social and environmental return.

On behalf of The British College, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Gocher for accepting our invitation and being a part of the academic guest lecture series at The British College.

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