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A Levels Orientation Programme 2019

A Levels Orientation Programme 2019

On Sunday, 16th June 2019, the A Level students set to join BMC in 2019, were given a grand welcome at the Hotel Himalaya. It was a truly exciting day that welcomed the students and initiated them as members of the BMC family.


The Principal, Joey Foster Ellis, launched the celebration with a formal welcome, which was closely followed by an interactive introduction, led by Edwin Gibb. Enthusiasm radiated throughout the Hotel Himalaya as students were given t-shirts and began to integrate, converse and discover what is in store for them at British Model College.


A first-class lunch then energised students for an action-packed afternoon, complete with a live music performance, dancing and team challenges. It was clear to see that the students bonded immediately, and by the end of the day, there was much laughter as students were stomping and clapping, adding even more noise and excitement to the event.


The day was an undoubted success as it provided an unforgettable start to the students time at BMC, and inspired them to excel in their academic and personal growth in their years to come at the College.


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