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A Level Students Take a Tour of Chitwan

A Level Students Take a Tour of Chitwan

From March 24th to 27th, a group of A Level students enjoyed a fun, activity packed tour of Chitwan.


The programmes at BMC strive to give students a well-rounded educational experience that cultivates knowledge and curiosity. One of the regular activities throughout our academic year that achieves this goal are our domestic and international tours. Due to travel restrictions however, the international tour for A Level students was unfeasible this year but we were lucky to be able to plan a domestic tour of Chitwan in its place.


So, along with Rajan Kumar Rai, GCE A Level Programme Manager, and Christopher R. Kemp, ECA/CCA Coordinator, the group of students set off for their three night excursion which included adventurous activities such a river rafting and cliff jumping.


During their trip they also visited an Elephant Sanctuary, saw the Tharu cultural exhibit, and went on a Safari Jungle Tour - where they saw rhino, crocodile, mongoose, deer, monkey, and elephant. 


This was the first time some of our students have swam in a pool or visited Chitwan - and so it was a trip full of new experiences. The programme was also a wonderful opportunity for them to make new friends and bond with their classmates as they lodged in tents together. 


To celebrate the success of the event the College organised a final night celebration which included a live band and dancing - providing a wonderful end to what was a wonderful trip! 




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